Wise Arts employs a cohesive professional team of scriptwriters, producers, directors, editors, animators, Directors of photography and administrative personnel. Our specialists are highly trained and have extensive education and expertise in cinematic fields, leading to outstanding creative results. Our work is of a consistently high quality, whether our clients are based in St. Petersburg, Moscow or anywhere around the world.

Wise Arts Studio provides a creative approach to bring an innovative mindset into meeting our clients’ expectations and offer excellent solutions for any kind of project; our new projects are detailed in our News section.

The creative style of Wise Arts is unique and unmatched.

Our studio has the creativity and expertise to provide services for brand advertisement, documentaries and television series and many different types of movies. Our production team works tirelessly to improve your image and help you stand out from your competition. If your image and visibility are important to you, Wise Arts Studio should be your choice for productions.

Having worked with many prominent companies, we have an outstanding amount of experience in every popular movie and video production format. In the last two years, we have completed more than 1,200 orders from around the world, and we have worked with clients from the US, France, Britain, Germany and other nations.