Full-length feature film, melodrama
The film is based upon stories of V.Zarenkov “Strength of materials”
This story tells how the absolutely different cultures are unified with timeless values –love and real friendship.
Sergey and Ken are totally different.
Sergey is a prominent businessman and Ken is just a teacher.
One day they meet and strike up a friendship. Ken arrives to Russia and radically changes his life and the life of his new friend – Sergey.

  • Scriptwriters: Michael Dubilet, Oleg Solod
  • Director: Michael Dubilet
  • Director of photography: Konstantin Ivanov
  • Composer: Maksim Koshevarov
  • Artistic director: Anastasiya Kobzar
  • Production company: “Company ATK-studio”
  • Producer: Aleksandr Tyutryumov
  • Cast: Sergey Vlasov, Benjamin Meredith, Larisa Lusta, Anna Peskova, Anna Lutceva, Yuriy Chernov, Aleksandr Tyutryumov, Boris Kamorzin, Sergey Koshonin and others.