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Using the Perfect Tools: How Infomercials Improve Your Business

It always pays to be more prominently displayed than your competitors are. Many tools, including infomercials, are available if you have the judgment to use them correctly.Infomercials can be employed in a number of ways to increase knowledge of, and build interest in, your products, or your business in general. They can be played both online and on traditional television, offering a larger viewing audience than one medium or the other would provide alone.

When you use infomercials as part of your marketing strategy, you are benefiting from one of the most effective and beneficial tools to promote your business. This type of marketing allows you to position your business ahead of your competitors through innovative videos and creatively produced ads. The videos our team produces have greatly increased marketing strategy effectiveness of many advertising campaigns; they will also help your company build trust and communication with your target audience, increasing the effectiveness and boosting the return from your advertising dollars.

Our Primary Goal is Quality

Our team is able to provide outstanding, cutting-edge services and we take great pride in recruiting the most promising new talent the market has to offer. Our equipment is upgraded regularly to reflect the ever-changing standards of video production. Through a combination of technology and artistry, we produce high-quality videos with the intent of exceeding your expectations.

Not only do we offer the most advanced technology and an outstanding production team, we also keep you informed of our progress throughout production. Our primary goal is quality; communication during production, high production values and a talented team combine to give you videos that are effective and have a high conversion rate.

The Production Process

Creating videos that convert well takes a professional assessment of your requirements, the creativity to put those requirements to good use and the skillful application of ideas, which further your stated goals. Through innovation and a thorough understanding of your goals, our professional production team crafts videos, infomercials and ads in an exciting and effective way.

Our team of talented professionals includes every position required for your successful production. We provide all personnel, including actors, directors, Director of photography of photographys, makeup artists and technical specialists, as well as administrative personnel. Your production can be started and finished, without undue demands on your time. We will keep you updated as we move from one stage to the next, or we can just let you know when your content is ready; the choice is yours.


First, our specialists offer an initial consultation to gather as many details as possible about your goals. Following the consultation, a detailed client brief will be produced and distributed among our specialists. The process then goes into pre-production and the script is developed and filmed.

Every Client is Welcome!

We have been in the business for over a decade and have worked with all types of clients and many different requirements. We have worked with big budgets and tiny ones, huge firms and small businesses; we give the same attention to detail to every project, large or small. No matter your needs, your budget or your business size, we offer solutions just for you.

While we are located in St. Petersburg, we welcome and work with clients from all over Russia, Europe, the US, Canada and Asia. We employ an excellent client liaison in order to interact with our clients from abroad; our services are offered without regard to distance.

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