Project examples

Documentaries are becoming popular worldwide due to increased interest in real stories, events and people. Russia is following this trend of documentary films garnering more interest than works of fiction.

While fiction only offers fantasy, documentary films give poignant glimpses into the lives of real people with commentary based on facts, political and social struggles and natural phenomena.

Documentaries give directors and filmmakers an option for making their world-view known by telling a story and evoking an emotional response from audiences.

Documentaries can be presented in many different formats. Real locations and individuals can be intermixed with scenes and footage shot in a studio; the director or filmmaker is able to control everything according to his own objectives.

Wise Arts Studio provides the tools to bring your creation from planning stages through post-production. Our talented team and up-to-date equipment give you everything to complete the complex process of producing high-quality footage, including talented directors, scriptwriters and casts.

We use a wide variety of filming techniques, including multi-stage video filming. This technique allows us to capture events from separate views, such as filming an event on stage and capturing the audience reaction to it, resulting in appreciable differences once edited.

Wise Arts Studio has created documentaries hailed for their brilliance; they received prestigious awards at prominent festivals. We believe in finalizing the concept of a film before handing it over to our talented team for production.

Whether with a phone call or a face-to-face, our studio administrators are always available for consultation during the production process.

By creating required documents and conducting negotiations with channel representatives, Wise Arts Studio takes care of all post-production work, including converting all video files to appropriate formats.

Quality Educational Videos

Video tutorials play a vital role in making science, business, industry and other fields more accessible. These are useful for the clients and employees, company partners and prospective clients. Our high-quality tutorials are available on DVD, or may be directly uploaded to your website. Tutorials do not have to follow a typical script; they can be tailored to your requirements, including presentations about the company or any department, service or product. Video tutorials allow you to offer training to multiple clients and employees, saving time and money when compared to traditional training.

Video Tutorial Types:

  • Demonstrative – This tutorial describes a new product, its characteristics and correct operation; it usually consists of voiceover and footage and may contain graphics, subtitles and other clarifying elements.
  • Informative – Informative tutorials allow for complex explanations of equipment, while providing the most efficient manner of operation. It may present detailed information for completing steps in a complex operation.
  • Educational – These tutorials can be effective guides for employee training, saving time and money, while providing conformity between trainees. Educational tutorials may be used to enhance employee skills and allow employees to learn at their own pace. Individual progress can be reviewed with team leaders, giving employees an incentive to take training seriously.
  • Video guides – Video guides can be used to organize and develop specialized programs of study, giving tutors an avenue for presenting complex topics in a way that is easily understood.

Tutorials should not be difficult or time-consuming to create; our completed tutorials are available for you to view in our Projects section. There, you can contact our representatives to discuss your needs, place your order, and find more information about our tutorial services.