Project examples

Wise Arts Studio offers a wide range of additional services.

If you need editing services or have video footage that needs to be compiled, Wise Arts Studio offers those services and others, including special effects and 2D/3D graphics with as much or as little complexity as you’d like.

We strive to produce compelling videos that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We take the time to understand what our clients want and handle each project carefully to deliver high-quality content.

When your footage is provided to us, our editing process begins, including:

  •  Cutting video to provide separate pieces, this can then be compiled into their correct order.
  •  Developing and adding special effects to compiled video footage.
  •  Developing and producing models in 2D and 3D.
  •  Sound editing to include background music, voiceover of any text and audio balancing and support
  •  Creating and adding video titles and subtitles in any language, if needed
  •  Creating a dubbed soundtrack in any language

These services are also offered separately for changes and improvements to an existing film.

We can carry out other tasks as well, including:

  •  Contract compilation and editing services, which may include deadlines, specified charges for work performed and collateral guarantees that our duties will be properly discharged. Please contact us for information.
  •  Sound services, including sound and audio editing and dubbing, along with music selection. Music selection for a video is as important as its look and message, catching and drawing attention to important parts of your presentation or emphasizing specific portions.
  •  Sound effect services like voiceovers and sound editing for any type of film. Voiceover is also provided as a standalone offering and pricing varies based on sound editing, length and required quantity of voices, among other considerations.
  •  Commercial sound offerings include audio ads, promo voice work, voiceover recording, presentations, voice greetings and sound editing. Your order for commercial sound services may be placed, paid for and received online.

As You Need It

Speakers – We have a pool of professional speakers available, including well-known talent from television, movies, the stage and sound broadcasting; professional foreign and native speakers are also available.

Localization – Our team can translate and edit audio and video into nearly any language in the world.

Audio ads – We can create audio ads to fit your needs, from writing the script to making a ready-made authorial clip with the authorial track.

Sound editing in video – We can successfully add off-screen voices, as well as dubbing sound for video, collaborative films and presentations.

Translation Services

Based in St. Petersburg, Wise Arts Studio offers a variety of services for your translation needs. Our professionals can work with many languages, including Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Greek.

We are able to handle translation services for quick-planned projects, as well. These include translations from Russian into English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Greek, as well as translation from any of these languages into Russian, regardless of complexity or field of knowledge.

Our services also include synchronized dubbing and video translation.

Our Offerings

Our services are guaranteed to be the highest quality. Deadlines are offered in a manner, which is flexible enough to take your specifications and needs into account.

Our translation offerings include websites, apps, programs, equipment documentation, instruction manuals, technical specifications and passports. We also provide book translation and legal translation services, including treaties, contracts and business-related correspondence translation.

Our translation experts have extensive qualifications and experience. They are knowledgeable in fields related to both technology and art. We strive to provide services, which are of the highest quality, at prices our clients find affordable.