Project examples

Creating Viral Videos

A good advertisement can pay for itself many times over. When a video goes viral, it is being watched hundreds of thousands of times by unique viewers, and you are not paying a penny to host the video. When your advertisements go viral, your business can, too.

We make special efforts to create videos, which are persuasive and compelling. They can be displayed during company presentations and various exhibitions. They can be shared on social media and video sharing sites, including Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and many others. They are also great for posting on blogs related to your business, service or product. Our professional and artistic team strives to create videos that are just waiting to go viral.

Creating Internet Promotional Content

Strategy is the key to advertising success. Promos should be easily seen and shared by a large consumer base and should complete the following tasks:

  •   Advance brand visibility appreciably
  •   Increase of sales volume
  •   Support start-up brands

With our innovative equipment, we are able to produce high-quality videos and we specialize in creating promotional and internet ad content in the following formats:

  •  Internet promos – The latest trends are utilized to create and develop internet promos.
  •  Viral videos – Viral videos play a major and growing part in internet advertising.
  •  Viral series – A variation of viral videos, created with recurring themes or characters.
  •  Instructional videos – Short videos demonstrating the proper use of a product or technical information
  •  Video tutorials – Videos focused on teaching clients or employees about a product and how to use it.
  •  Directorship compilation – Placed on a company’s home page, it is intended to outline your company mission to employees and clients.
  •  Employee interviews – Department heads discuss their department and outline their responsibilities. Those details are captured and edited to provide useful and relevant information for clients.
  •  Special videos – Usually created when the company reaches a milestone, such as the launch of new products or services.