About us

The film industry attracts great talents; those with ideas that are innovative, interesting and captivating typically turn to film because the industry encourages wide horizons and lively characters.

At Wise Arts Studio, our focus is generally on producing movies, but we also offer a wide range of secondary services such as scriptwriting and correction, directors’ assistance, light and sound correction, video design, casting organization, set design, 3D modeling, visualization, along with the full production range for videos and sound editing.

Wise Arts Studio also has the ability to sort out any problems with filming licenses in a fast, effective manner so that no problems arise later in your production.

At Wise Arts Studio, all of our equipment is of the highest quality, giving you perfect results at a price you can afford. Our equipment is modern and cutting edge; your project will be of the highest possible quality, shot and edited efficiently and professionally.

Wise Arts Studio offers all the equipment needed for properly filming your video, such as video sliders, smoke machines, guide tracks and shooting cranes, weather machines for the creation of any weather condition, as well as systems for stabilization, making filming a smoother process in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

At Wise Arts Studio, our creative staff includes:

  • Two scriptwriters
  • A producer
  • A director
  • Two Director of photography of photographys
  • Three editors
  • Motion design specialist
  • Photographer
  • Animation specialist
  • Design specialist
  • Web design specialist
  • Director of sound
  • Three translators

Our offerings also include films or ads, which encompass the entirety of your company. We also offer translation services from foreign partners, meaning that your translation meets very high-quality standards. We have the ability to create a unique package for you, allowing you to distribute it to your clients to inform them of additional services you provide.

As the initial step in creating your project, our director will meet with you and collect any audio or video files you want included in your production. At that time, you will be asked several questions about your company in an effort to gather essential information needed to complete your project. During this time, you will also be discussing the audience you want to target, as well as your intended purpose for the project. With this information, the director will then translate your ideas and wishes into a cohesive script. Our creative team considers primary and secondary characters, graphic design and set decoration. Then, they bring your vision to life onscreen.

Based on your unique budget and needs, the cast and shooting equipment are selected and, a day before shooting begins, the location will be coordinated and shooting times determined. After the required footage is captured, it is edited, graphics are added and voice and score editing is completed.

For more than a decade, Wise Arts Studio has been involved in creating and delivering video productions and promotional content. Our quality is so good that our clients keep returning to us to deliver fascinating videos and effective ads.