Detective series


Late in the evening Selin was passing by a restaurant. Suddenly he met the old friend Chibisov – the murderer who should have been in prison instead of walking down the streets. It was not a pleasant meeting: the one had given lip, the other used force. After the fight Sergey helped Chibisov catch a cab. But the next morning Selin came to his office and saw the colonel Chernok who charged him with the murder of Chibisov…


  • Director: Michael Dubilet
  • Director of photography: Vladislav Gurchin
  • Production company “Triiks Media”
  • Cast: Sergey Selin, Evgeniy Sidihin, Anastasiya Melnikova, Andrey Fedorcov, Aleksey Nilov, Yuriy Kuznecov, Anvar Libabov and others.