Short film

How many “behind the scenes” have we seen? And in each of them the filmmakers predict to be the real top-quality “masterpiece”. How many times have we been upset with the film?
All this is gone. “Manchester” turns over a new page. Tell about your great plot – and let the audience nod along.


In the 21 century the famous “War and Peace” is retold in two paragraphs. The new century sets a new pace.
No longer are films necessary, a review is just enough.
Authors will tell their ideas and explain everything by themselves.


Thus a lot of brilliant films will immediately appear in the audience minds. Judging by the filmmakers’ words, each of their films is an absolute masterpiece.
In the 21 century it is time to take the filmmakers’ word for it… and do not waste our precious time watching the films.


  • Scriptwriter, director: Michael Dubilet
  • Cast: Vladimir Shumkov, Kiril Dateshydze
  • Make-up: Anita Kitayeva
  • Artist: Mariya Stolpovskih