Project examples

Film creation must be approached from both an artistic standpoint and a technical one. Beginning with script development and continuing through the necessary processes to prepare for filming, during filming and while in post-production, your project is crafted carefully, ensuring the creation of a high converting film. Your project will be professionally produced to display your product on television, the internet, on DVD format or through cinematic showings.

In the Projects section of the site, you will find examples of our documentaries, short films and full-length fiction.

During our decade-plus in this business, we have released feature-length films and documentary series. By collaborating with European producers, we have gained much experience navigating European markets; drawing upon this experience, we are able to produce both fiction and documentaries, while negotiating and marketing the worldwide rights to those productions.

Our talented team is accustomed to exceeding our clients’ expectations for every task, regardless of how complicated, technical or innovative it may be.