Full-length feature film, drama

He is an upcoming Russian diplomat – a strong, handsome, forceful man who never loses control of the situation. She is a lovely shy girl from a good family – a perfect wife for a statesman with the healthy outlook. At the point of their wedding the feelings are sharpened and the hearts are full of doubts. They will have to go through difficult trials and understand whether they really love each other. The old school friend of the bride returns from America and comes with a mysterious woman. It seems like the unexpected guests try to destroy their future alliance. They tempt and set the future spouses at doubt, but they also walk into their own trap…



  • Director: Michael Dubilet
  • Scriptwriters: Michael Dubilet, Anna Kumacheva
  • Director of photography: Michael Dubilet, Oleg Korsikov
  • Composer: Anton Rosickiy
  • Production company: Wise Arts Studio
  • Cast: Natalya Martynova, Vadim Burlakov, Irina Vinogradova, Anton Rosickiy